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How to get a free backlink for technical Blogs & websites

Hight pagerank
Hight backlinks for hight pagerank
You already know that the only way to move your site to the top of Google is to build high quality backlinks.

But how do you find authoritative sites that might want to link to you without bribing them with a guest post, link exchange or cash for your spanish Blog?

Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to share with you in today’s post.

The method is very simple, you visit the following sites & directories and add your Blog or site in them:

- In the first place you can interchange with me your link in http://www.mundo9eek.com/

- The list of directories:

http://www.abcenlaces.com (free backlink)
http://www.directoria.es (free backlink)
http://www.directorioenlinea.es (free backlink)
http://www.altaendirectorios.com (free backlink)
http://www.directoriodeenlaces.es (free backlink)
http://www.smallbusinessnewz.com (free backlink)
http://www.eldirectori.cat (free backlink)
http://www.eldirectoriode.net (free backlink)
http://www.guiaway.com (free backlink)
http://www.qdirectorio.com (free backlink)
http://directorio.enlaceslinks.com (free backlink)
http://www.enlacesespana.es (free backlink)
http://directorio.org.es/add_url.php (free backlink)
http://www.oho.es (free backlink)
http://www.directorioya.com.ar (free backlink)
http://www.todo-letras.net (free backlink)
http://www.adirseo.com (free backlink)
http://www.planetabusqueda.com (free backlink)
http://www.directorionegocios.es (free backlink)
http://www.eldirectoriode.com (free backlink)
http://directorio.tinvito.es (free backlink)
http://www.2k2.es (free backlink)
http://www.linksamiweb.com (free backlink)
http://www.indagando.com (free backlink)
http://www.eldirectoriode.com (free backlink)
http://www.directoriosinreciproco.com (free backlink)
http://www.portal-seo.com (free backlink)
http://enlaces.org.es (free backlink)
http://www.dondebuscar.net/ (free backlink)
http://www.directbati.com (free backlink)
http://www.minidirectorio.com (free backlink)
http://damewebs.com/ (free backlink)
http://www.anadir-sitio.com/ (free backlink)
http://www.seoposicion.com/ (free backlink)
http://www.adonde.com/ (free backlink)
http://www.enlacesin.com (free backlink)
http://www.internetinvisible.com (free backlink)

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