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What is a virtual machine VM in computing?


Virtual machine:

In computing, a virtual machine is an application or software that simulates a a real machine, precisely a computer machine, and can run programs, application and operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac, etc) as if it were a real computer.

This software was originally defined as "an efficient, isolated duplicate of a physical machine." The meaning of the term now includes virtual machines and it hasn't got a direct equivalence to any real hardware.

The most important feature of virtual machines is running processes are limited by the resources and abstractions provided by them (virtual machines). These processes can not escape from this "virtual machine".

The principal domestic use of a virtual machine is to run operating systems to try them. With this method we can run an OS  to prove them (GNU/Linux operating systems like Ubuntu, Debian, Kali-Linux, Fedora, etc; or Windows operating systems like Windows 7, 8 or Windows 10) from our regular operating system (Windows 7 for example) without installing him directly on our PC and without we fear that the primary operating system will be affected.

Types of virtual machines:

Generally, there are two types of virtual machines:
  1.  System virtual machines: It allows you to install and execute a complete operating system in a complete system platform (virtual platform).
  2.  Process virtual machines: It allows you to execute a singl process, application or program

Disadvantages of virtual machine:

One of the inconveniences of virtual machines is that they add a big complexity to the system at run time. This slows down the operating system and the processes and program does not reach the same speed of execution if was installed directly on a hardware platform (like a real machine).

The best three system virtual machines to have them in PC:

  1.   VMware Workstation:incredibly is a powerful tool in addition its easy use. This program is easy to use even if you have not created any virtual machine before. Vmware Workstation is not free.
  2.  VirtualBox: This tool is very useful and popular because it can be installed on Windows OS, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems. The good feature of this virtual machine is the extensive documentation that it's provided by a big community, a simple interface in addition VirtualBox is free & open source.
  3.   Virtual PC: Is a good solution for virtualization. Anyone can use it. the biggest problem with this tool, which was developed by Microsoft, therefore only provide support for the products of Microsoft. I advise you not to use it unless you want to run programs that run on Windows only.

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